M-PESA Gets High Marks As It Goes Down Market

New Data Shows M-PESA's Reach Is Spreading Down Market While Service and Customer Satisfaction Are at All Time Highs.
December 8, 2010


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Program Officer, Jake Kendall, in a recent blog post on Nextbillion.net, discussed the success of mobile money products in the hands of poor, unbanked Kenyans.  Having access to M-PESA has allowed Kenyans to effectively face negative income shocks, such as job loss and livestock death, while maintaining high customer satisfaction ratings. In his post, Kendall highlights the work of CFSP member Tavneet Suri of MIT whose collaborative research in Kenya provides valuable insight into the use of M-PESA.  CFSP is supported by a grant to the University of Chicago from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.