CFSP's Banerjee Featured on NPR's Planet Money Podcast

June 7, 2011

Planet Money (National Public Radio)

Adam Davidson and Jacob Goldstein of the popular radio program Planet Money interviewed CFSP member Abhijit Banerjee and his co-author Esther Duflo. The conversation centered around their new book Poor Economics and explored their use of randomized trials to evaluate free versus subsidized bed netting, preventative care usage, and the impact of sex education curriculum for teens at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS. "When you are a policy maker . . . you are asking questions kind of like we are [asking]," said Banerjee.  Banerjee and Duflo advocate effective use of funds, regardless of the cosmetic changes to the community: "Let's try and focus the money on where it's going to make the most difference without being influenced by whether or not it's photogenic," said Duflo.