CFSP Research Project on Mexico Municipality Data featured in World Bank Blog

July 23, 2012

CFSP researchers Sirenia Vazquez and Saide Salazar discussed the initial findings of their reseach project in the World Bank blog, All About Finance. "A Regional Approach to Financial Savings and Intermediation: Mexico's Municipalities Data" will be released later this year through a joint collaboration between CNBV and CFSP. It will make public for the first time a dataset with historical information on savings and credit balances disaggregated by municipality (Mexico´s Municipalities Savings and Intermediation dataset or MSI dataset).

"This unique dataset, covering the period from 2001 to 2012," say the authors, "is based on the administrative records contained in the regulatory reports that banks and other financial institutions file with CNBV.  The dataset classifies deposits and credit balances by type of deposit and type of credit. Additionally, it includes over 25 indicators, such as number of deposit accounts and number of branches, as well as some of the borrowers’ characteristics.The MSI dataset also contains many of the socio-economic characteristics of the municipalities.

Vazquez and Salazar also discuss some of the early findings that new dataset reveal. For instance,  net borrower municipalities have more schooling and a better quality of life, as measured by the marginalization index, than net saver municipalities.